MagiCool manufactures a line of evaporative cooling towers using a cross-flow cooling tower design. These industrial cooling towers provide cooling solutions to businesses who are looking for small cooling towers (cooling tower capacity available as small as 7 nominal tons), large cooling towers (cooling tower capacity up to 175 nominal tons), and everything in between. 

MagiCool Cooling Towers

Cooling Towers

We offer a few different material options with differing strengths and weaknesses:


Galvanized - the most cost effective option, these cooling towers will last many years.


Epoxy Coated Galvanized - These cooling towers are constructed using galvanized sheet metal and are finished with an epoxy coating, further extending the life of the unit.


Stainless Steel - These cooling towers are the longest lasting. Constructed from stainless steel except for the fan blade, venturi panel and shroud cover which are epoxy coated galvanized

The MagiCool line of industrial cooling towers uses a cross flow design. This design requires a fan to pull air in through the back side of the unit through a fill material while water flows down from the hot water basin at the top of the unit through nozzles.


Our cooling towers use a long-lasting PVC fill material. In front of the fan is a drift eliminator which reduces the amount of water extracted by the suction of the fan. Our cooling towers use totally enclosed fan cooled Baldor motors to power the fans.



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